These video tutorials are intended for quickly learning how to create and render a Massive scene in Maya. If you are a Massive for Maya customer or trial user then for a more detailed explanation of Massive for Maya please see the Massive for Maya Quick Start Guide and Massive for Maya manual.

Massive for Maya facilitates the creation of Massive scenes directly in Maya. The Massive scene setup tools such as flow field, lanes and placement editors have been seamlessly reconstructed inside Maya. The Massive workflow has been integrated into Maya to allow for intuitive running, recording, replaying, lighting and rendering of simulations.

Scene Setup

In this tutorial, see how to load an agent, make terrain, place agents, and run a simulation in Massive for Maya in just 1.5 minutes.


Learn how to set up lanes for the agents to follow in Massive for Maya.

Sim Playback

In this video we show how to record and play back a simulation in Massive for Maya.


The following videos show how to render using Massive for Maya with several popular renderers.