What is Massive Jet?

Massive Jet is designed with a streamlined and easy to use workflow to make AI-driven animation available to all animation and visual effects professionals. Using agents from Massive's Ready-to-Run library or those created in Massive Prime you can fill a stadium, get thousands of digital actors to walk over a hill, or create a huge battle set in medieval times.

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The 5 Steps of Massive Jet

Using Massive Jet's simple and easy workflow, crowd shots can be created in minutes. Here are the 5 steps for producing a typical shot.

1   Load Terrain & Camera

Bring your terrain model and camera into Jet from you favourite 3D package.

2   Place Agents

Load Ready-to-Run agents or your own custom agents.
Use Jet's high level controls for placement and directing.

3   Run Simulation

Press the go button and have agents perform while their motion is recorded to disk.

4   Light

Bring in your lights from your favourite 3D package or use Jet's interactive lighting UI.

Alternatively, skip lighting in Massive and just use the agent render files from Massive, and render these along with the scene render files from your 3D package.

5   Render

Zoom through renders with our new hardware accelerated rendering, or with our efficient software render pipeline.
Streamlined for economy and speed. Massive's Academy Award winning technology at an economy price. Welcome aboard!