About Massive

Massive was originally developed for use in Peter Jackson's The Lord Of The Rings film trilogy. Subsequently the company Massive Software was created to bring this technology to film and television productions around the world. Since then Massive has become the leading software for crowd related visual effects and autonomous character animation.

Management Team

Stephen Regelous - Founder and CEO

In 2004, Stephen received an Academy Award for Scientific and Engineering Achievement for the design and development of Massive, an industry-first system utilizing AI-driven autonomous agents to generate animation. Stephen conceived of the basic concepts for the software in the early 90s after studying Artificial Life agent based systems, and developed Massive years later for The Lord of the Rings trilogy, where Massive transformed audience expectations for epic crowd and battle scenes in feature film and television. Stephen began his software career writing solutions for particle animation, muscle based facial animation, morphing and and an L-system used to synthesize plant life which has been widely used in the motion picture industry. Stephen was named one of the top 50 New Media Producers and Innovators by the Producers Guild of America, and nominated for a World Technology Award which recognizes high levels of innovation in the fields of biotechnology, space, energy and design.