Starting from 2005, Massive has been used for epic crowd shots in Television shows and Television commercials, including Dr Who and Game Of Thrones. Here is a list of just some of the Television shows and Television commercials in which Massive has been used.

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Television Shows

Game Of Thrones - Season 8

"In Massive, however, while there's only a few node options, once you combine them based on the fuzzy logic rules, you can get almost any kind of behavior. You're not bound to a set of particular behaviors at all."

Mohsen Mousavi - Scanline
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A Series of Unfortunate Events

"These shots would have been extremely difficult, if not impossible, to do in other crowd software at the time."

Simon Milner - Mr X Senior Crowd TD
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MR. X Inc. was given the task of generating swarms of bees and flies in and around corpses and a severed arm for a number of shots.
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Game Of Thrones - Season 6

"We got some really nice manes and tails just having ribbon geometry running through the cloth engine in Massive. This saved the fx guys a lot of work."

James Hollingworth - Iloura Snr Crowd TD
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"One of the most challenging shots, here the two armies finally collide. The camera is static and the shot relatively close, so it really shows off the automatic combat behaviour of the sword/shield agent."

Ed Hicks - The Mill, London
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Dr Who
Planet Of The Dead

Generation Kill

Dr Who
The Stolen Earth

Dr Who
Partners In Crime

Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee

Category 7 - The End of the World

Television Commercials


A52 is a Visual Effects Studio that often uses Massive in the creation of Television Commerials and title sequences. At the link below can be found interesting details of jus how A52 makes such great looking commercials.
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'The Ruler'

Diet Pepsi Max
'Yawn Call Look'

Adidas 'Together'

Mountain Dew
'Tug of War'

'Zheng Zhi'

McDonalds 'McItaly'

McDonalds 'Panini'

Puma 'Until Then'

Coke 'It's Mine'

'Leave Nothing'

Miller Lite 'Break from the crowd'

'Punch by Punch'

Gatorade 'Warming Up'

Daily Mail 'Battle'

Ebay 'Whistler'

Honda 'Birds'

Lynx 'Billions'

'The Wave'

Know HIV/AIDS 'The Know'

Sony Playstation 'Mountain'