Who is the Ambient Agent?

The Ambient Agent is useful for airports, shopping malls, train stations, parks, and any scenes requiring people walking, sitting or talking. They can follow lanes and flow fields, they can spontaneously converse with each other, and can sometimes be seen talking on cell phones. There are well over 100 motion captured actions, captured at the world class House of Moves studio in Los Angeles. There are 3 types of Ambient Agents: casual male, formal male and female. The video below demonstrates the Ambient Agent's capabilities.


Variation is essential for crowds. The Ambient agent has plenty of variation in geometry, textures, shading and scale. The agent is supplied with well over 700 texture maps and bump maps and over 250 seperate pieces of geometry. All of the variation can be adjusted via group variables, and these can be set even in Massive Jet and Massive for Maya.