Brain Page

The intuitive node-based Brain Page interface allows artists to interactively create AI enabled agents without any programming. The Fuzzy Logic toolset gives artists the freedom to build custom AI logic for the specific behavior they want to simulate, without the limitations imposed by the 'black box' behaviours of most other crowd software.

Body Page

The Body Page provides the workflow to build and customize skeletons, geometry, cloth, and materials. It enables the automated variation of agent skeletons, geometry, shaders, and texture maps.

Action Page

A motion editor for importing, managing and editing hundreds of actions. Cross fade looping provides a convenient way of creating seamless loops. Prepare clips for Massive. Quality of motion. Its integrated motion editing built into Massive so you don't need to use another program and can edit motion in context.

Scene Page

The Scene Page brings together cameras, lights, terrain, agents, agent directing, agent placement, flow fields and lanes to put high level scene management all in one convenient place. Tools are provided for both general and specific control and directing of agents. Crowds in a stadium can easily be made to clap and cheer at the right time. You can even control individual agent geometry and texture map selections.

Natural Senses

Massive agent use a patented vision process unique to Massive, and senses of hearing and touch that allow the agents to respond naturally to what's going on around them, providing results that can only be acheived with Massive.

Fuzzy Logic

Fuzzy Logic provides a way to create naturalistic and subtle behaviour that simply can't be achieved with the robotic binary logic of other crowd systems. Massive's unique implementation of Fuzzy Logic was designed to allow Artists to easily create almost any kind of behaviour imaginable, in a simple node-based GUI.

Autonomous Agents

Autonomous Agents are characters that can perform by themselves. They take direction from Massive Artists, but no one needs to specify exactly what they should be doing at any particular moment or location in the shots. This allows Artists to bring to life epic scenes of thousands of agents without having to laboriously specify what every agent should do. By contrast, some crowd systems rely on the Artists to manually specify what should happen in every shot. This is the main reason that scenes like those in The Lord Of The Rings still have never been created with any other crowd system.