Change the future

Change the future was our message at Siggraph this year, although not everyone who encountered our booth/art installation would have noticed that. Many told us that ours was the best booth, best or not it was certainly unique. An 80's television displaying static and occasional flashes of text. Our industry is in a state of turmoil, with major VFX and animation studios falling into bankruptcy, and thousands of VFX artists and animators wondering what the future holds. We believe that one way to rise above the current difficulties is to utilise new technology in the creation of a better way. Once upon a time our industry consisted of small groups of talented people using amazing new tools. These people changed filmmaking and animation. If instead of hundreds of artists working in huge studios it only required dozens working independently then perhaps a new visual effects and animation renaissance could occur. We hope that the efficiencies offered by our newly announced technologies can help to rebuild our industry, to make it once again dynamic and exciting, a place where small teams of talented people can change the world. Hence our messages in the static: change the future, liberate the artists, freedom of choice for characters, create life, the revolution has begun.

Siggraph 2013 press release